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What is Web Publishing.

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According to Techopeadia, Web publishing  is the process of publishing  original content on the Internet. The process includes building and uploading websites, updating the associated webpages, and posting content to these webpages online.

Much of what is on the Internet is rehashed content. That is why much of the content of sites does not rank well in Google searches. Because it is not original.

When you want a site that performs well in searches don't expect to think now I have a website so now I sit back and become rich.

In my experience you need to concentrate on the basics. One of the basics is originality . Many of my clients sites rank well because their words  make the site original.  

The next trick is to load the content with enough key words about the product, brand or service without boring the reader to bounce out because they have fallen asleep at the screen or they thought it was such rubbish they instantly hit the back button. Don't put reams of info that takes more than three paragraphs before you mention the keyword.

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