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RFID Asset Tracking & Access Control System (RATACS)

RFID Asset Tracking & Access Control System (RATACS) is a solution designed to solve asset management problems for you. Be it Administrative Offices tracking documents, Real Estate Offices tracking keys, Clubs tracking fixed assets such as furniture and fittings through to Security, Educational and Health Organizations tracking equipment and information, TV stations tracking cameras, sound equipment, visitors and staff through out the organisation, Engineering companies tracking valuable test equipment, tools, jobs or repairs and many more I am sure.

Designed and developed in Australia, RFID Asset Tracking & Access Control System (RATACS) utilises RFID technology to automate the tracking process and make it as reliable and accurate as possible. By using RFID Tags, combined with the scanning units, assets can be tracked quickly and easily with full audit trails. It is web based and is very easy to administer and use.

Tracking Your Assets

Screen Shots

You can track your assets whatever they may be, this includes:

  • People (within an office or factory)
  • Visitors (within an office or factory)
  • Keys (eg Car Yard or Property Management)
  • Document Tracking
  • Furniture
  • Tools
  • Safety Equipment
  • Computers
  • Medical Equipment
  • Cars
  • And more.

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Audit Screen Shot
Audit Screen Shot

RFID Asset Tracking & Access Control System (RATACS) gives you information about your assets, where they currently are, and where they have been and who they have been issued to. Assets can be easily scanned in or out, placed against a current custodian and assigned to a contact, a location or an Organisation.

The RFID Asset Tracking & Access Control System (RATACS) program allows you to view complete audit trails to show who or where the asset currently is, or which assets are in particular locations/organisation.

RFID Asset Tracking & Access Control System (RATACS) database keeps a history of each movement of the asset, showing when it was created, and all the times this was checked in or out, and when this was last audited.

Portable or Fixed scanners can be used with the system to audit assets in locations away from the central database and since the software is Web based, remote locations can be integrated as required.